Technologies for education

In an era of growing demand for new technologies for teaching, we decided to help our education system better understand how to start effectively using interactive methods of constructing the educational process and material
For this, we have created a whole range of directions:

Interactive equipment

We have a range of interactive options for schools, from interactive tables and screens to developing sophisticated tutorials for sharing


We supply, create and support the entire range of training software, help with its installation, configuration and maintenance

Projection equipment

We will select for you the best in terms of price-quality projection equipment, we will calculate, install and connect

Interactive tables and Smart whiteboards for training


Young people are already accustomed to dealing with new technologies and interactivity. Technologies like the iphone and ipad are the norm in the home that kids love to play with and learn from. This is why multitouch tables, kiosks and interactive whiteboards have become a natural learning interface because they complement their leisure time


Interactive tables and whiteboards allow teachers to interact in new ways with their students in the classroom. Our many years of experience show that learning together improves math fluency and flexibility. Research also shows that using an interactive smart table can have advantages over paper math


The roles that multisensory systems can play in an educational setting are numerous, be it elementary school, high school, or university. Multi-touch tables foster student collaboration, engagement and instructor-led learning


Children demonstrate positive emotions and develop a positive attitude towards learning with touch tables, show greater positive impact and interest, and often demonstrate good skills


Special software can be created for teachers to provide instant information on student progress, attendance, or direct and quick communication between parents, teachers and the director of the institution


Touch tables and kiosks can also replace public access and attendance systems for both staff, students and teachers. The software can be based on

This area, which Lenskii Productions oversees today, is dedicated to creating multi-touch technology that serves educational sectors from preschool to university, museums, libraries and more. We will work with you from initial idea to design and development and user journey, content creation, selection of the right equipment and installation of the final version. Each experience is unique and no matter the size of the project, we approach it with the same professionalism. We are always happy to discuss your ideas, so please contact us.

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