Shooting panoramas and 3D tours in Kaliningrad

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360° Virtual Tours provide a “virtual reality” experience that is delivered through your site to potential customers

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We are a commercial studio serving Kaliningrad and Russia, and one of our directions is 360° virtual tours

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360° tours help you convey the look and feel of your business through quality photography, expert programming and years of experience

When you hire our studio to create a virtual tour for your business, in addition to high-quality photography, you get:

Strong look at aesthetics

Attention to detail

Experienced technical skills


Devotion to excellence

Thanks to our unique experience in creating high-quality virtual tours and panoramas, we have helped numerous clients showcase their business to visitors to their websites and pages on social networks

3D tour of the Hartman restaurant

Many locations, navigation to the main points. Panoramic aerial view. Video on TV in panoramas. Musical background. Logo - a link to the site.

3D visualization of the future construction site

Suitable for design and construction organizations who want to place on their website or present their future project to the public, how it integrates with the infrastructure, a visual demonstration.

3D tour of the nightclub 'W' - day

Many locations. Exclusive background sound

3D tour of the nightclub 'W' - night

Many locations. Exclusive background sound


Mirambeau Estate, France

Many locations, custom design of navigation, control panel and logo. Background music. Navigation is made in the form of a scrolling tape with photos of locations.

3D tour of Fort № 11 Dönhoff

More than 50 locations, a map with navigation, point-to-point navigation and an overview radar for easy orientation.

What an interactive tour can contain:

Individual design

A 3D tour can have a unique corporate design, taking into account the existing design of your site, the style of the company, etc.

Social media block

On any panorama, we can place a block of social networks with links to your pages on Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, etc.


Different effects can be applied to each panorama: different lighting, snow, rain, etc.


We can place a video with your content invisibly on the screen of any device on a panorama, in a window or showcase, in any frame. Enable autorun on the video.

Music and sounds

We can set background music for each panorama separately or for the whole tour combined. We can also create branded music for you with the resources of our studio.


We can place a gallery of your photos anywhere in the panorama. This can be an open gallery or a gallery that opens by clicking on the icon.


We can organize a 'hidden object' game on your panorama, a victory in which can lead to any page following a link or any gift in a pop-up window


Panorama contains 100% HTML5 code and supports all kinds of devices and browsers. Also, anywhere in the panorama, we can install any HTML code

Navigation and menus

Tour navigation is possible in several ways: a map of the premises in a pop-up window, images of locations in a row in the forehead, a drop-down menu anywhere in the panorama


Full gyroscope support for mobile devices without the need to rotate the panorama using the touchscreen. Turning the control panel gyroscope on and off

Rotation and automation

Enabling and disabling rotation of panoramas occurs in the main menu of the control panel. There is also turning on and off the automatic excursion

A virtual reality

Full VR device support for travel and 3D tour viewing on any eligible device

The cost of panoramic shooting in 360º format in Kaliningrad

Panoramic shooting of any premises in 360º format

Panoramic shooting of real estate objects in 360 format allows you to transmit a complete overview of apartments, houses, offices, shopping centers, plots (shooting from a copter), etc. Each panorama has its own unique address, so you can place a link to the object on any social network so that clients can view the object in full screen using absolutely any gadget!

Panoramic shooting of objects in 360º format

Panoramic shooting of goods in 360 format allows you to convey an image of the goods from all sides with interactive interaction with the buyer. Each panorama has its own unique address, so you can post a link to the product on any social network so that buyers can view the product in full screen using absolutely any gadget!

Панорама 24 Мп

Автоматическая съемка сферической камерой
700 Одна панорама/точка-переход
  • Разрешение 6912 × 3456
  • Departure of the operator to the facility within Kaliningrad
  • Цветокоррекция, обработка, удаление штатива с надира
  • Размещение на Яндекс карте
  • Размещение на Google карте

Сборка 3Д HTML тура для сайта

Автономный 3Д блок для размещения на сервере
2000 + 100 руб за каждую панораму-переход
  • Блок HTML5 с собранными в 3Д тур панорамами
  • Логотип, ссылки на соцсети
  • Помощь с установкой на сайт/сервер
  • План помещения с навигацией
  • Интерактивные элементы (звук, видео, фото и т.д)

Панорама 72 Мп

Ручная съемка со штатива с панорамной головкой
1700 Одна панорама/точка-переход
  • Разрешение 11322 × 5661
  • Departure of the operator to the facility within Kaliningrad
  • Цветокоррекция, обработка, удаление штатива с надира
  • Размещение на Яндекс карте
  • Размещение на Google карте

Панорама с дрона макс. 120 Мп

Shooting from a quadcopter
1700 Одна панорама/точка-переход
  • Разрешение макс. 16000 × 8000
  • Departure of the operator to the facility within Kaliningrad
  • Цветокоррекция, обработка, удаление дрона с зенита
  • Размещение на Яндекс карте
  • Размещение на Google карте

Визуальная оценка качества панорам 24Мп и 72Мп

В большинстве случаев для обзора офиса или торгового центра достаточно разрешения 24 мп, к тому же, съемка с автоматической сферической камеры позволяет снимать в людных местах и в динамичных ситуациях. Разрешение 72 мп позволяет передать детали помещений и улиц, более широкий динамический диапазон цвета, можно разглядеть все трещинки на стенах офиса, но такая съемка невозможна при движении людей или машин, потому что снимается в течении длительного времени.

The cost of placing panoramas on Yandex.Maps in Kaliningrad and the region

Yandex Panoramas

Съемка с земли и дрон. В стоимость входит съемка и размещение.
800-1800 за панораму/точку
  • В стоимость входит съемка согласно условиям Яндекс, подготовка проекта, размещение
  • Срок появления на картах 1- 2 дня
  • Photo retouching is not allowed with the exception of retouching: CCTV cameras, reflections in the mirrors of a tripod with a camera, personal data, vehicle registration plates, people's faces
  • The panorama should not have blurry objects in the foreground (except for automotive photography)
  • Panoramas located on the street and in rooms with windows should be filmed during daylight hours. It is allowed to shoot indoors at night, by prior arrangement
  • There must be a direct line of sight between adjacent panoramas, while crossings through closed doors, elevators and stairways are allowed
  • The first panorama is filmed on the street before entering the territory or premises. If the subject does not have its own exit to the street, then the first panorama should be shot on the street in front of the entrance to the building; The second panorama in this case is filmed inside the building in front of the entrance to the subject of photography. If the building has several exits to the street, then the closest one is removed. At the same time, if the desired street panorama in front of the entrance to the building has already been published in the Yandex.Maps service, then you can leave it alone.
  • If the entrance to the building is filmed by several suppliers, Yandex employees reserve the right to leave one panorama of their choice - the freshest or the highest quality

Образец наших панорам и 3D туров в формате 360º на Яндекс в Калининграде

Discounts are guaranteed for individual discussion of the order!


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